Korea Seminar 2015

International Seminar

Theme: Building Capacity in Addiction Studies: International Collaboration in Education and Research

Date: 10:00-15:00, January 8, 2015

Venue: John Building, Sahmyook University



The aim of this seminar is to exchange information about substance and behavioral addiction problems and services, facilitate collaborative arrangements in training, education and research, and explore the opportunities for international exchanges among faculties and students.


Key Contents

  • Substance and behavioral addiction
  • Status of addiction prevalence and related problems and trends
  • Academic programs
  • Professional development activities and employment opportunities
  • Training and academic programs
  • Prospects for international collaboration in education and research


Opening: 10:00-10:10

Welcome speech: President of Sahmyook University


Session 1: 10:10-11:40

The Globalization of Addiction Studies: Research, Education, Treatment and Policy

Thomas Babor


Behavioral Addiction: Status, training, service system and professionals

Gerhard Buhringer


Ceremony of MOU: 11:40-12:00


Lunch: 12:00-13:00


Session 2: 13:00-14:30

Addiction problems, research and research cooperation in the Nordic countries

Kerstin Stenius


The value of prevention in substance and behavioural addiction – what works and what does not work in prevention

Matej Koir


Refreshment: 14:30-14:50


Session 3: 14:50-16:00, Korean Society of Alcohol Science

MAMPI-Korean Survey (Director of the Korean Public Health Association)

Addiction Status and Professionals (Professor, Center for Addiction Science Specialties)

Community Survey Results (Dr. Sohn, Professor, Department of Health Management, Sahmyook University)


Closing: 16:00

Signing Memo of Understanding Korea Seminar 2015 MOU
Speaker at Korea Seminar Korea Seminar 2015