Past ICARA Meetings & Events


Networking event for LMICs at KBS 2022 conference in Warsaw, Poland

In June 2020, some ICARA board members attended the KBS 2022 conference in Warsaw, Poland, where we ran a lunch-time networking event for attendees from LMICs. The event was well-attended and some attendees’ names were added to a list of alcohol researchers from LMICs, which we are trying to further develop. If you would like to be added to this list, please get in touch with us. See below for some highlight pictures of the event.



2021 – ICARA 2021 Annual General Meeting

ICARA held its 2021 Annual General Meeting  online on the  8th of November. We were happy to welcome distinguished speakers including Prof. Samantha Thomas (Deakin University) and Prof. Rosalie Liccardo Pacula (University of Southern California). Current topics  such as capacity building, policy developments and conflicts of interest were discussed. 

In the afternoon of the 8th of November the new ICARA board was elected. Please see here for more details about our new board.

Program of meeting can be accessed here.


Extraordinary General Assembly, December 15th

ICARA held an Extraordinary General Assembly online in 2020, due to ongoing disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of the meeting was to:

Program of meeting can be accessed here.

Dublin, Ireland, March 9th-11th

ICARA attended the 6th Annual Global Alcohol Policy Conference (GAPC) in March 2020. We ran a workshop on 10th March 2020 on ‘Emerging Issues in the Science & Practice of Managing Conflicts of Interest’ with the Governance, Ethics and Conflicts of Interest in Public Health network (GECI-PH). This workshop aimed to build capacity and strengthen links between researchers and practitioners interested in this topic. Objectives of session:

  • To discuss current developments and consider gaps in research on conflicts of interest (COIs) 
  • To collectively reflect on challenges in advocating for and developing robust COI policies and procedures 
  • To review new ICARA guidelines for organisations wishing to develop clear policies 
  • To consider what ‘success’ looks like  


Lisbon, October 23rd-25th

ICARA attended the Lisbon Addictions Conference held on October 23rd-25th. Board members were directly involved in hosting three sessions:

  • ICARA’s Annual Board Meeting
  • A workshop co-hosted with European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) for EU neighbourhood countries on networking and building infrastructure to support ATOD research. Aims of session:
    • To enable networking between countries bordering the EU
    • To discuss infrastructure and capacity-building opportunities to support ATOD research in countries beyond EU borders.
    • To discuss potential future activities of ICARA/EMCDDA to support locally-appropriate ATOD research where of value.
  • A workshop on conflicts of interest and the launch of ICARA Guidelines on Management of Relationships with Organizations with Vested Interests. Program of meeting:
    • Emerging Issues 1: “Conflict of Interest Declarations & Dilemmas for Addiction Journals” – Prof. Tom Babor, University of Connecticut, Immediate Past President of ICARA
    • Emerging Issues 2: “Conflicts of interest & the Emerging Cannabis Industry” – Dr. James Nicholls, CEO, Transform Drug Policy Foundation
    • Open discussion with speakers and questions from the floor
    • Presentation of ICARA Guidelines on Management of Relationships with Organizations with Vested Interests: “Three primary principles in making decisions on relationships with funders and organizations with vested interests”, Prof. Niamh Fitzgerald, University of Stirling, ICARA President.

In addition, our President, Prof. Niamh Fitzgerald, participated in Big debate session on ‘Industry friend of foe? Can industry contribute to better addiction science, policy, and actions?’


Prague, August 27th-29th


Washington, D.C., August 28th-30th


Windsor Park, UK, July 23rd-25th


Budapest, Hungary, August 30th-31st


Chicago, USA, September 4th-5th


Lisbon, September 29th-30th


Hilton Head, South Carolina, September 13th-14th