Information Exchange

Through its delegate meetings, website and other communication media, ICARA will facilitate the sharing of information and experience regarding the management of scientific societies, including fundraising, organizational management, journal sponsorship, scientific meetings, newsletters, and other media.

Education and Workforce development

ICARA will work to enhance education in addiction through information exchange and the support of professional education and training, including doctoral, postdoctoral and internship training through accredited and other specialized programs; web-based continuing education; workshops devoted to scientific integrity.

Support for addiction research

Through advocacy, information dissemination and other activities, ICARA will support the application of an international infrastructure of scientists, research centers and funding bodies devoted to the development of basic and applied science on topics related to addiction and substance misuse.

Advocacy and government relations

ICARA will conduct activities aimed at the translation of research into practice and policy, and it will communicate, facilitate, promote and represent addiction science in international fora.